I was born on 16/02/1973, in Pitesti - Romania.

I've started photoghraphy quite late, no more than six years ago and one of the reason for this passion was probably the fact that I never forgot the nights in my childhood when I was assisting my father in the bathroom, developing black and white negatives and prints and I never forgot the magic of the white paper becoming a image.

Currently I am trying to reconcile my professional career, my family and this personal hobby, an activity that occupies almost all of my free time.

For few years I've started to taste also the film photography flavour but now I am shoting mostly digital since at this time is more convenient for me and my very little free time.

I love to travel. This allows me to get to know and to photograph other environments and I had the luck to do that.

I like to photograph flowers - I have a passion for poppies - the nature, especially in the autumn, things that are around me, places or people in their environments.

I dream that one day I'll photograph the sand dunes of a desert.

But most of all I like to photograph people. I'm considering photographing people as being a challenge all the time since require more and direct interaction between photographer and subject.

Still, my photographs are my best presentation !


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